Friday, 18 November 2011

Friday Fashion

Okay, I love leggings and always have. But no, I do not wear them as trousers unless they're thick and I'm wearing a long top. I don't want people in the street seeing my panties. If you want to wear leggings all the time and instead of trousers, at least make sure they're thick enough for bending about and be prepared to pay a little more. Thicker leggings tend to be more pricey, really pretty leggings tend to be more pricey, and...well clothes in general tend to be more pricey if they're good quality and not being made in a sweatshop. They'll often last longer too.

These are awesome leggings. I adore Nordic style anything, but sadly at time of posting these particular leggings are out of stock. I would love to find some that are even thicker, to be extra cosy. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for a similar pair like these bad boys so I can clad my legs in Christmas cheer this winter!

Also check out: for more gorgeous leggings!

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