Sunday, 27 November 2011

Sunday Catch Up

Is it really that time again? The days fly by so quickly when you're busy.
Image from: Alanoo7
I live here. I can even see my house in this picture, just. When I walk to the shops, I walk along this beach! This is possibly the best place I've ever lived, even better than Scotland, Essex or Somerset. And yes, even better than the tropical Philippines. I just wanted to share how gorgeous my new home-town is.

I made sure to get all my copywriting work done by Friday so that I could have two days off this weekend. This never happens. I often don't have days off and instead just arrange to do things around work. So it's been lovely to not have to do any work and instead focus on doing fun things! That's right, even though I work from home I do not always get days off. As a freelancer you only get paid for the work that you do, the more work you do the more money you get. Sometimes you have to sacrifice a few days off so you can buy that lovely new fridge/freezer or simply so you can afford to have a nice Christmas.

Brave, the rat, is improving slowly and we got her a separate cage because her sisters kept picking on her. She had a nasty bite on her front leg thanks to one of them, but is doing fine now. She still has rubbish balance and falls over when she cleans herself, and we have to give her squishy food or else she can't really eat it properly but otherwise she's okay and she has improved over the week. She now responds to her name again and explores more when you get her out of the cage. I think she appreciates her solitude because she can sleep without being disturbed and there is no one trying to nick her treats. We get her out a lot everyday so she won't get bored or lonely and she still sees her sisters every now and then because I'll get one of them out at the same time to play on the sofa.

We have hot water and heating everywhere in the house now, which is such luxury! I tried to sort out the bathroom yesterday but cannot for the life of me get the side panel back on the bath. But we will get there. We also rearranged our bedroom to get the most floor space which is fantastic. It's still terrible untidy thanks to the mountain of clothes we have in one corner that I need to sort though, and mostly chuck. But I now have the DVD/VHS player set up so I can watch films in bed if I'm bored or feeling ill or whatever. I'm going to get the desk sorted out soon too so I can have an office space to work in rather than sitting on our broken sofa in front of the TV.

In writing news I am only 4529 words away from the end of NaNoWriMo! Although I don't feel like I'm quite near the end of the novel yet. If I go over 53531 then it will be longer than my first novel which I wrote during my Masters degree, of which only 40K could be submitted for marking.

I have also finished reading Arcadia Awakens and will be writing my review of it soon. Once it's up I will link to it here on the blog so you can read it and see what I thought!

Hope you're all having lovely weekends too!

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