Monday, 26 December 2011

Back to reality

So it's Boxing Day and we're back to the normal blog posts. I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! My pet rat, Brave, died some time on Christmas morning so that was very upsetting and we had to bury her in a big plant pot in the back yard. She was a lovely little girl and always very friendly. I found her asleep on her hot water bottle/thermos that we used to give her once she was put into a separate cage. She had a stroke a few weeks ago so had to be separated from her three sisters and was doing okay with lots of help. So yes, at least she went peacefully.

Aside from that our Christmas was lovely. We made dinner for us and my fiancé's Dad and Granny, then spent the rest of the day playing games, watching TV and eating far too much chocolate.

I hope that you enjoyed the Twelve Days of Christmas updates but are still looking forward to returning to the usual posts!

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