Friday, 9 December 2011

Feature Friday: Tea

I decided to change what I write about on a Friday and this week we are talking about tea.
Imagine from Charbrew
I adore this tea, but sadly I can't find any around where I live. I have normal strawberry tea but it's just not the same. I could drink this all day every day.

Like most creative types or anyone who works in an office or any good British person, I love tea. I come from a family where the day starts and ends with a cup of tea and you are served a good dozen other cups of the stuff throughout the day. So yeah, we love tea. My fiancé isn't fussed on it *gasp* but it's okay, his other good traits make up for that. Just.

Aside from my normal tea (Yorkshire Tea) I love drinking fruit teas and green tea. My favourite green tea is Matcha:

Image from: Sleep Warrior
Which is a delicious powdered green tea, in Japan it also gets used in desserts, cookies and such too. I really want to try matcha macaroons! Two things I love united in deliciousness. It's also very good for you, but not cheap.

You can also get Matcha Kitkats!
Image from: Jonas Approved

What's your favourite drink to accompany you while you write, read or generally sit and mull things over?

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