Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Page Turners: Wolf Blood

I am currently reading:
Wolf Blood by N.M. Browne
I started Wolf Blood on the 1st December and as usual I am reading it for Mostly Reading YA. I'm really enjoying it at the moment but I am nearly half way through and still not entirely sure what the overall storyline is. Which is fine really because I'm enjoying the setting, characters and the historical references so it's not like it's bothering me all that much as I read. It's just when I put the book down and try to explain it to someone else that I realise that I'm not sure what is actually going on! I do recommend checking it out though and don't forget to read my review once it's up!

From Amazon:
A Celtic warrior girl is held captive and enslaved by a rival tribe. When fever takes her only friend she knows she must escape, but she runs straight into the path of two Roman foot soldiers. Thinking they will kill a warrior instantly, the girl disguises herself as a beggar and asks to share their fire. Using her gift as a seer she discovers that one of the soldiers is not what he seems. Celtic blood courses through his veins too, but there is something else. He is a shapeshifter - a Versipellum. He shares his soul with that of the wolf. The girl needs to reach the leader of her dead friend's tribe, and the boy must escape the Romans before they discover his true nature. Their only chance of survival is to help each other. But what will happen when their powers are combined?

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