Saturday, 10 December 2011

Something For The Weekend

Something to read:
Poetry lovers will love this and also my friend Julie here.

Something to wear:
Forever21 are having a great little sale at the moment so definitely check it out! Here's a few of my favourites:
Leopard Print
Sweet Bunny
Suedette Ankle Boots
Velveteen Floral
Something to watch:
Sugar Rush

I started re-watching Sugar Rush for the hundredth time the other day because I was dying my hair and wanted something to watch while I waited for it to develop. I first watched Sugar Rush back in 2007, it was first shown on TV in 2005 but I missed it because in my house my parents controlled the TV most of the time and this is not family viewing.

I love Sugar Rush, it has a lot of bits I don't like about it though. I find the characters difficult to love because they're all so flawed but at the same time that makes me love the show. No one is perfect. Everyone is screwed up in one way or another, like real people. This isn't just about what it is like to be a lesbian, although that is a big part of it as the main character Kim comes to terms with and explores her sexuality. This is a series about relationships. Be they between parents, siblings, children and their parents, friends or lovers, and all the drama and heartache that can come along with that.

I think part of what I love about Sugar Rush is how I can relate to it, and I think that most people can regardless of their sexuality. Most of us have had parents who argue, some of us may have had parents who had affairs or split up, many of us will have friends who love to sleep around, and all of us will have been hurt by someone we care about. Some of us may also have been screwed around and found ourselves sobbing, out of our heads, on a beach because we're so broken hearted. But at the same time Sugar Rush is fun and at times very frivolous and a little surreal, giving you a refreshing break from some of the more serious undertones.

We've all been teenagers, trying to navigate our way around the pitfalls that can be friendships and relationships, and Sugar Rush is great at portraying those troubles realistically and at times quite tenderly.

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