Saturday, 31 December 2011

Something For The Weekend

It's New Years Eve today so I hope you're all planning to do something fun! I've never been one to go out for New Years, I went to a pub with my friends once in my first year of university and that was the only time. That pub was cool though because there was a dog! Anyway, I've pretty much always spent New Years either with my parents or with my friends at someone's house.

This year my fiancé's brother is staying with us and I think that they do fireworks on the beach opposite our house every year so we get a free show!

But before you run off to make the finishing touches to your party plans check out some of my suggestions to do today!

Something to eat:
Boozy Appetizers - Cucumber and rummy hummus
I love cucumber, I will eat it as if it's an apple and hummus is one of the tastiest things on the planet if it's done right so these look delicious to me. The added rum makes them a little bit different and grown up too. The recipe is from PETA and although I'm not a supporter, they do have some great veggie recipies.

Something to make:
DIY fabric bunting
Now this is actually an idea for a kids birthday party, but I think it would be fantastic for any occasion. At a New Years party you could clip on pictures of you, your family and your friends from earlier in the year to show everything you've done!

Cupcake toppers
I also love the idea of making little cake toppers like these, they add a touch of fun and silliness to a party. Just because you're a grown up doesn't mean you can't add a little childish fun into the mix! I always think that by doing fun little things like this it can help everyone relax.

Something to read:

For the animal product avoiding people out there, and all those who don't bother avoiding them at all, check out Like a Vegan for some very yummy, healthy recipes to start off your New Year!

Something to watch: 

For those who may be starting out the year by themselves or are feeling lonely right now, watch this:

How to be alone
" Lonely is a freedom that breathes easy and weightless, and lonely is healing if you make it."

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