Sunday, 4 December 2011

Sunday Catch Up

I've spent this week finishing, and winning, NaNoWriMo which was great fun. I ended with just over 50,000 words but I'm not finished yet so I need to do that next. Then I can start editing the last 15,000 words of my first novel and then I can finally edit this second novel! In-between sorting out the anthology website and working.

The boy and I went to Canterbury on Friday for Christmas shopping which was lovely. I found ring pops in a sweetshop which was amazing and took me right back to the 90's. We also stopped in Starbucks for peppermint hot chocolate which was delicious and the Starbucks in Canterbury goes back for miles and is all old fashioned inside so very cosy.

We also had breakfast at Boho Cafe which was also lovely. The boy took these photos on his 3DS so excuse the quality!

We got some really great presents for family and each other, especially when we found the best second-hand, vintage video game store! This will become a regular haunt because neither of us can resist a good game, whatever generation it might be. I'm tempted to buy a SNES because the boy never had one!

So yes, that was my week!

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