Sunday, 1 January 2012

Words Of Advice

Words Of Advice For 2012
A Cautionary Comic For Writers by Debbie Ohi
Debbie Ohi is super cool, knowledgeable and funny so I suggest you check out her blog Inkygirl if you haven't already.

I think that her comic makes a much better point than I can. We all say we will do more writing, that we'll make more time for it etc etc etc. But often we end up distracted. I kind of have to be online because of my job (writing copy for websites), because of this blog and because I write and review books so I like to keep informed about what's going on. But that's no excuse for the stupid amount of time I spend just refreshing Facebook and Twitter. I think that every single one of us could do with cutting back a little bit, even if you visit Facebook just one less time than usual that's a good few minutes extra that you could be writing!

Check your email and reply to any emails that are urgent but then try to stay offline until your work is done! Then once that's over you have lots of free time to Facebook, tweet, chat, email, read blogs and generally fritter away the hours on the internet to your hearts content.

My life pretty much revolves around the internet, and that's totally cool because everyone lives different. But we all need to strike a balance.

Also, go outside once in a while. Even if it's just to walk to a bookshop or the library and back.

So here are my words of advice for 2012: Write. Write more. Write lots. Write until you can't stand not writing. Write until it becomes a need, something you have to do. Write because you want to, because you love to, because you can't imagine a life where you're not writing. 

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