Friday, 23 December 2011

Twelve Days of Christmas: Day #11

2 Novels I Wrote In 2011
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Well I finished my masters this year. In the final half of the year, from around February time to September 29th I was working on my manuscript. I finished the first draft in May, the second draft around July time and then most of the third draft was done by the end of September for our hand in. We had to write, edit and submit 40,000 words, we also had a personal tutor who read through the manuscript and talked to us about changes etc a few times. I think I met my tutor three times? Once was on Skype. Then this manuscript is marked by our tutor and a second marker, we got our marks back in October along with some feedback.

I got some lovely feedback from both my markers, but I was especially pleased when the second marker said she ended up forgetting that she was marking something and read it as a story!

So, once the masters was over I decided to pop my manuscript to one side for a while and let it stew while I finished off my second novel. Which is technically my first. I started it back in 2009 I think, during my second year at university but it was put to one side because of my masters. I wanted to start something new and I wasn't entirely sure where the plot was going. I finished my second novel for NaNoWriMo!

An extract from my first novel is appearing in the Bath Spa University MA Writing For Young People Anthology, which we decided to call "Writes of Passage" this year. I'll post a link to the website once I have it up and running and then you can nose around.

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