Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Twelve Days of Christmas: Day #2

11 Favourite Writing Blogs Of 2011
Image from: syd delicious

These are just some of the many blogs that I follow and love. I say 'writing blogs' because all of these people are writers in their own ways, whether they be blogging, reviewing or writing their own novels. They're all lovely and talented and deserve lots of love so check them out!

Laura Jane Cassidy (Author, writing, life and all sorts)
Writing from the Tub (Writer and reviewer)
Page Turners (Reviews)
Writer Unboxed (Writing)
Mostly Reading YA (who I review for)
Inkygirl (Writing)
Ravenous Reader (Reviews)
Wonderous Reads (Reviews)
Charade (Life, advice, fashion and everything inbetween)
Nose in a Book (Reviews and active promotion of book love)

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