Friday, 16 December 2011

Twelve Days of Christmas: Day #4

9 Personal Achievements Of 2011
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Finished my masters in Writing for Young People, I am now a Master of Arts in Writing for Young People. How fancy! My mum's reaction was to tell me that I sound like a Harry Potter wizard.

Wrote and edited my first novel for my masters, which is currently just over 53K, 40K of which was submitted and marked.

Won NaNoWriMo and finished my second novel, which is just over 51K.

Moved in to our first proper house (not a one bed flat) like grown ups!

Got engaged to my fiancé on May 5th, which is also our 3 year anniversary.

Got my first paying writing job as a freelance copywriter.

Declared myself as self-employed.

Having our very first proper Christmas this year where neither of us are working and we have decorated the house, put up a BIG tree rather than a little one like the last few years and we are making my fiancé's Dad and Granny Christmas dinner! Luckily no one in the house eats meat so everyone is cool with a veggie Christmas.

I made this blog! Which I hope you all enjoy reading.

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