Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Twelve Days of Christmas: Day #8

5 Events I Attended In 2011
Image from: Alice Harold
Thanks to the Bath Spa University Writing for Young People MA (also just want to mention that when I studied English Lit BA, which I dropped at the end of my first year, and Creative Writing BA I also got to meet lots of wonderful writers and academics, from my tutors to people such as Melvin Burgess)

I got to attend several events hosted by the course! So, at those I got to meet:

John McClay who is a very well known and talented book scout. I met him several times because he taught one of the modules which we had twice in the second half of the year, and I met him at one of the other events the course held. He's absolutely lovely and gave me my copy of Gill Lewis' Sky Hawk!

We had an event where several agents, such as two lovely agents from Felicity Bryan, came in to talk. They were mostly interested in adult novels but their advice was still very interesting and useful.

United Agents lovely Jodie Marsh came in to talk to us about the agency, what she looks for in young adult and children's writing and about the competition they hold for course members.

Lucy Christopher, Julia Green and Steve Voake (tutors for the Creative Writing BA and Writing for Young People MA courses) talked to everyone about their writing processes which very interesting. It also puts your mind at ease to know that it's perfectly normal to spend a lot of time staring out of windows, and that as a writer that does constitute work as long as you do something with your ideas! It's also totally normal to have no idea where something is going!

Lastly I attended the Bath Children's Literature Festival this year and saw the lovely Marcus Sedgewick, Julia Green (again), Jodie Marsh (again), Sam Gayton (author of The Snow Merchant) and Karen Saunders (author of Baby Badger's Wonderful Night).

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