Monday, 12 December 2011

Twelve Days of Christmas

In the run up to Christmas I thought it would be nice to do something fun! Rather than the usual updates you can look forward to the following:

13th December: 
12 Writers I Read For The First Time in 2011

14th December: 
11 Favourite Writing Blogs Of 2011

15th December: 
10 Authors I Saw In 2011

16th December: 
9 Personal Achievements Of 2011

17th December: 
8 Favourite Books Of 2011

18th December:
7 Favourite Covers Of 2011

19th December: 
6 Favourite Characters Of 2011

20th December: 
5 Events I Attended In 2011

21st December:
4 Books I Can't Believe I Still Haven't Read!

22nd December: 
3 Sequels I Can't Wait For In 2012

23rd December: 
2 Novels I Wrote In 2011

24th December: 
My Book Of The Year!

25th December Bonus

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