Monday, 23 January 2012

Chinese New Year!

Image by Yuumei

It's Chinese New Year today and it is year of the water dragon!
The dragon is like the king of the zodiac (and I am an earth dragon by the way) and so apparently this year should bring lots of possibilities of good fortune and growth. Most of the world is covered in water and it is water that helps most things to grow. The water dragon also personifies creativity at it's best!
The water dragon occurs every 60 years, so we won't be seeing another one for quite a while!

I'm not Chinese but obviously a lot of people are so Happy New Year or 新年快乐 if you speak Mandarin or 恭喜发财 if you speak Cantonese or  新年如意 if you speak Teochew/Hokkien or 新年快乐 to everyone else and if you are Tibetan!

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