Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Coveted Cover: The Fallen By Watchbird

The Fallen By Watchbird by Jane Weaver
This book dropped through my letterbox just an hour ago. I wasn't expecting it at all so it was a lovely surprise and it's gorgeous! I will be reviewing to for Mostly Reading YA soon. I love the cover, it's strange and beautiful and it looked like the rest of the book is too. It's heavily influenced by Eastern European artm music, pop-surrealism and folklore, which I love, so I'm really looking forward to getting around to reading it. At the same time the swirling background reminds me of primary school when we would do marbling in a plastic drawer and then cut the paper into pretty shapes to make a card or cover a book. I have only seen one other review for this book and that person didn't like it, they found the art style creepy and dislike that there wasn't a happy-ever-after fairytale ending. Each to their own, I suppose. Jane Weaver is a singer-songwriter from Liverpool

From Jane Weaver's website:

“A Watchbird is a rare creature with great strength and unusual powers. It can seek and follow a vessel for days through treacherous weather and still return to its owner. But not just anyone can keep a Watchbird. You cannot command a Watchbird to be your pet, for a Watchbird chooses its own keeper and this makes it all the more special.”
The book combines stunning fairytale illustrations with the author's unique lyrical narrative. The Fallen By Watchbird is designed to appeal to child-like imaginations of all ages.
When a girl becomes estranged from her heart's desire it takes a special kind of energy to bring them back together. But is the power of true love strong enough or will she have to call upon her faithful magical Watchbird to guide her through her mystic and treacherous quest?
A new version of the album "The Fallen By Watch Bird" is being released to coincide with publication of this book. Mojo magazine says of the record:"This spectral album lingers like incense in the air".

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