Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Coveted Cover: The Hobbit

This cover of The Hobbit is my absolute favourite. I have another two copies with different covers and I have two copies of The Lord of the Rings as well, one set that is the trilogy as three separate books and one that is them all together with Gandalf striding across the front. I also have a copy of The Silmarillion somewhere.

Anyway! This copy was given to me by my Dad, so it's special for that reason, but it's also my favourite depiction of Smaug who was the dragon that made me love the great winged beasts and I also love that this book is one year older than me. It is a 4th edition, was printed in 1987 and celebrates The Hobbits 50th anniversary. With the film coming out at some point I felt I should share one of my favourite covers from one of my favourite books.

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