Friday, 27 January 2012

Feature Friday: Cats

A good friend of mine suggested that this week I feature cats. 

So here are some of my favourite pictures featuring those fluffy felines that hold a special place in our hearts. All of these pictures can be found at

I don't have any pictures of my parents cat or of my old cats that I can show you. Midge, who lives at my parents house, is a tortoise shell girl and very fluffy. She's a bit haughty sometimes and doesn't appreciate you fussing her without her permission, but if she is in the mood for cuddles be prepared for her to drool on you. She's special like that. 

Before Midge I had a little black cat called Merlin. My sister bought him for me and he had cat flu as a baby. He never grew very big and was always a little strange. We think he had a fit, a lady thought she hit him with her car but there wasn't a scratch on him.

As well as Merlin we had a ginger boy called Harry who was a rescue cat. He had hardly any teeth and was generally a bit ratty. He had to be put to sleep in the end.

I had a kitten for a while when we lived in The Philippines but I can't remember what we called her in the end. She was pretty feral. Someone has found her and burnt her whiskers so she always looked kind of funny because they were so short. I just remember her being really scrawny and you couldn't really pet her very much. In the end I gave her to our nextdoor neighbours driver because his family owned paddy fields and wanted a good rat catcher. Apparently she was fantastic and got more friendly over time but was very much a wild cat.

Before we moved abroad we had a cat called Dotty who was a silver tabby. We ended up having to give her to the local at home because we were moving and couldn't find anyone to take her in. I think she got a home very quickly. She was a gorgeous little girl, very sweet and loved sleeping in the airing cupboard. She had a sister called Daisy who was a tortoiseshell, she died a little while before we moved. I don't think my parents ever found her body but she just disappeared one day as cats do sometimes when they're old.

At the same time my sister owned a lot of different cats who would sometimes live with us for a while. I remember her owning two black and white cats called Bill and Ted who ended up wandering off and living down the road. She had Zebedee and Dougal who were tabbies, who wandered off as well I think. Dylan who also wandered off after a while. My sisters cats tend to decide to live with her neighbours after a while for some reason. I have no idea why because she's nothing but nice to them. She also owned a black cat called Salem who looked like a big version of Merlin. I think he also wandered off one day. I also remember her having a big fat white cat called Zaccy who was gorgeous. I loved him. He never left, I don't think he could be bothered really. It was easier to stay where the food was. My sister currently owns a cat called Poppy who still lives with them.

My parents owned several cats before I was born, but I don't know much about them. I know they owned a white cat that was deaf at one point.

Anyway, on to the pictures!

I love cats. 
White cats

and black cats

Little cats

and big cats

I would like to own two cats

or maybe even more cats.

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