Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Page Turners: The History Keepers #1

The History Keepers - The Storm Begins by Damian Dibben
I haven't actually started this one yet, but I am starting it today! I get the impression that it's a bit like Percy Jackson, but I might be wrong. Looks can be deceiving. The blurb makes it sound super exciting and I love the whole time travel aspect, not something you see very much of right now and also something that could go terrible wrong if not handled carefully. So we will see! On the downside, I'm not sure how I feel about this barely-teenage boy staring at me, and would he really be able to hold a sword up like that? Those things are heavy. I like the rest of the cover though, very pretty and most importantly, intriguing.

From Goodreads:
Imagine if you lost your parents - not just in place, but in time. Jake Djones' mum and dad have gone missing and they could be anywhere in the world - at any time in history. Because the Djones family have an astonishing secret, which for years they've managed to keep - even from each other. They belong to the History Keepers: a secret society which travels through the centuries to prevent evil enemies from meddling with History itself. In the quest to find his parents, Jake is whisked from 21st Century London to 19th century France, the headquarters of the mysterious History Keepers, where he discovers the truth about his family's disappearance - and the dastardly Prince Zeldt's plan to destroy the world as we know it...

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