Saturday, 7 January 2012

Something For The Weekend

Image from Sew Indie
Well aside from checking out my newest review, of The Goddess Test, and browsing through the sparklingly new Writes of Passage anthology website I suppose you might need something else to entertain you. We are now one week into the new year and this is the very first Saturday of 2012! So, here are some great things to get your teeth sunk into.

Something to read:
Having trouble with your resolutions? Sounds like you need to read The Real Secret of Quitting Bad Habits by the lovely Megan over at Charade. Megan also studied English Literature and Creative Writing at Bath Spa University, so you know she's going to be great!

Do you share the same opinion as the amazing Isabel over at Hipster Musings, that fashion blogging has become somewhat stagnant of late? Whether you agree or not, definitely check out her article: "Hello, I Love You", or "Why Fashion Blogging Smells Like Raw Fish". Her article was even edited and reposted in the Toronto Standard!

Something to eat:
Treat yourself to a delicious and simple helping of peanut butter toast and a glass of grapefruit juice, or push the boat out a bit and make a yummy, low-carb all veggie brunch, or you could be even more adventurous and try your hand at making these delicious vegan apple and walnut pancakes! Personally I'm tempted by the pancakes, they look a little too good to be true so I may be giving them a whirl tomorrow.

Something to make:

If you're feeling crafty and a little bit nerdy then try your hand at making a DS Lite (or 3DS, or whichever you own) case shaped like a retro NES controller.

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