Sunday, 15 January 2012

Sunday Catch Up

Well what have I done in the last week? Not much really. I've mostly been working which isn't particularly exciting to talk about (but feel free to contact me if you do what to know what work I do).

When I haven't been working I've spent most of my time playing Skyrim, which if you haven't got around to yet then you should. It's amazing. I got to the Greybeards a while ago and have since been doing nothing but side-quests for the last few weeks, there are tons of side-quests and the world is so gorgeous that I just love exploring it.

Allison Harvard
I've also been catching up with America's Next Top Model and watching the All Star cycle which is fantastic because my favourite, Allison Harvard, is back. She is so stunningl quirky and well...weird, which I adore. I love her huge eyes.

Zooey Deschanel
I've also been watching New Girl starring one of my favourite actresses Zooey Deschanel. It's very cute and silly. I think that this is very much a series in which Zooey gets the chance to be as adorable and wacky as she wants, whereas other roles have called for her to reign that in a bit. My only issue is that Channel 4 and E4 over advertise it to the point that I feel like I've already watched about half the episode before it airs.

Image source
Oh, and I've also kick-started my running again by going out three times a week. I go along by the sea wall, which is right by the beach, and then up along the cliff on the way back. Lovely and quiet!

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