Sunday, 22 January 2012

Sunday Catch Up

So as I mentioned yesterday we had cream teas for breakfast twice this week! It's been really grey and rainy all week so it was something fun to do on an otherwise boring day. The cat teapot is from The Tea Emporium in Bath, my boyfriend bought it for me a few years ago. I was sitting on the left in the top photo, I don't drink Earl Grey with milk but the boy does because he is a heathen. Also check out our stylish milk bottle, we don't own a jug. I want one shaped like a cat, if that exists?

I also discovered Pinterest this week and have whiled away many an hours looking at pretty things and food. The thing I love so much is how easy it is to find recipes. I judge food by how yummy it looks so I like browsing through pictures until something catches my eye. We also need to decorate our house at some point so it's cool to see different ideas and what other people have done in their homes.

Image from here
I made mexican lasagna for dinner last night and the boy loved it, he's requested that I make it again at some point which is always a good sign. He doesn't eat a lot of vegetables, which is weird when you consider he's a vegetarian, so I've decided that I'll just have to cook him yummy veggie based dinners and find out which ones are his favourites. Plus vegetables are so cheap anyway and good for you. But then I've always been a bit of a vegetable and fruit freak. He also doesn't eat fruit...yeah I don't know how he's still slim and healthy.

We walked to the big park near us, King George VI Park. It's just a big patch of green with a kids play area, a shop that I imagine is open in the summer and trees. It's about 20-30 minutes walk from our house and it's on top of the cliffs so it's a pretty stunning walk there and back. You can also see my boyfriend's Dad's theatre/cinema from the entrance which is cool. While there we saw a dog that looked like a bear:

Japanese Spitz aka Bear Dog
and a little Shetland Sheepdog that the boy said reminded him of an overexcited child in a fur coat. On the way home we saw Ring-necked Parakeets:
Photo by Mark Kilner at King George VI Park, Ramsgate
We didn't go around all the park, so I'm sure we also missed seeing some other cool stuff. There's some weird building in it that we want to check out next time we go.

Last night's dinner was this:
From The Vegan Stoner
Not sure what I'll be making today though.

Aside from walking around and eating I've been working, as usual, and playing lots of Skyrim, as usual.

I also received a really lovely email from Julia, a reader of this blog, which totally made my week! Julia is going to also be reviewing for Mostly Reading YA soon and has a great little blog called Wright Reading that you should check out. It's not been going long but already has some great content. So don't hesitate to email me or leave comments if you have any questions or just want to be friendly!

That's all for this week!

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