Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Coveted Cover: Johnny Wander

Johnny Wander: Volume 1
I adore Johnny Wander, it's one of my favourite webcomics and I love the covers for their published book versions. I especially love volume 2's cover:
Johnny Wander: Volume 2
Yuko and Ananth who work together to write and draw the comic are both really awesome people too, and you can see that in their work. The series is whimsical, auto-biographical, surreal and at times features fictional work. It's one of those comics that I like to trot out whenever someone either say they don't like comics or when someone says that they don't know what to read. So check it out!

From Goodreads:
Johnny Wander is about life after college, striking out on your own, and all the moments in between the adult stuff. 

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