Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Coveted Cover: Opal Moonbaby

Opal Moonbaby by Maudie Smith
Maudie is a lovely friend of mine and I have to feature her book because you all need to read it. All of you. Your friends. Your family members and especially any children you know. I promise that they will love it.

Opal Moonbaby is hilarious, exciting and at times very touching. Amazon describes it as:

Sparkling, original and fun - meet Opal Moonbaby, the alien who came to stay, in this brilliant new series for 7+ girls.

But I know that there are boys who would enjoy it too. I think my favourite thing about Opal Moonbaby is that it isn't your typical girly kids book. Martha is a strong-willed little girl and Opal is, as one reviewer described her, like a "furturistic Pippi Longstockings". Then there's Martha's brother Robbie giving you a boy's view and I'm pretty sure that Opal's little pet mingle, Garnet, will have every child wanting one of their own.

So, onto the cover. Isn't it great? Opal looks as adorable and whimsical as I always imagined and Garnet, the mingle, is equally cute. I love the style, I love the font and I love the colour gradient. It's just so gorgeous and it certainly gets the book noticed. I know that my niece would pick it up and want to read it, that's enough proof for me that it's a great cover for a children's book.

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