Friday, 24 February 2012

Feature Friday: Music

Okay so this might not be everybody's cup of tea but I have a soft spot for K-pop (and J-pop), which is weird when you consider that I've never been all that into western pop music, and I thought I would feature that today!

I have no idea what attracts me to Asian pop music over western. I think a part of it is that they're still a little 90s in some ways because they are big on boy and girl bands. I also love how dorky the members often are and they like bands that stick to a clean image, you don't hear much about them stumbling out of clubs drunk like you do with western celebrities. Though I'm sure that they do.

The only things I dislike is that these bands are very short lived, releasing a few albums and then disappearing forever after a farewell tour and I imagine that it can't be all that much fun being in a band like this, so maybe the members are quite happy to have a few solid, over-hyped years in the spotlight before fading away and doing their own things?

So, for those who don't know me you probably aren't aware that I love Japanese/Korean/Chinese things from the cutesy stuff to the actual cultural things to the food. I lived in The Philippines for two years as a kid so maybe that's why, but it might also be because my dad also has a big love for South-East Asia and he, and my mum, spent years travelling around and working in various countries. My sisters and my mum are not fussed about Asian things so I think my dad enjoys the fact that I like listening to him chat about what he did when he was in Japan and China. Most of his stories involve drunk business men.

So anyway, on to the music! Here are a few song/bands that I particularly like and thought you might like to listen to. Most of these have either English subs or a translation of the lyrics underneath so you won't feel too out of your depth!

Fat Cat - Is Being Pretty Everything?

Big Bang - Blue

Younha - Houki Boshi


Se7en - I'm Going Crazy

Kana Nishino - By Your Side

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