Saturday, 25 February 2012

Something For The Weekend

Something to do:
Make your own stationary set! Hand made cards and invitations are always appreciated. Then why not learn how to take great indoor photos showing off what you made?

Sewing 101, two basic clothing alternation techniques that everyone should know! Now you have no excuse.

Something to read:
Image from: makemineblack

Have you taken a break from writing to return and find that your character has developed laryngitis?

When someone mentions pathetic fallacy I think of A Room With  A View
What are your thoughts on pathetic fallacy? Also, have you notice how often people get the definition wrong and don't even realise, like me?

Something to eat:
Image from: Pinoy Foods

Leche Flan! I ate this so much as a kid when we lived in The Philippines. I'm going to try making it myself!

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