Sunday, 5 February 2012

Sunday Catch Up

Well I am currently at my parents house looking after their pets while they are away. They have chickens (bantams), two dogs (springer and staffie), one cat and two gerbils. So far everyone has been very well behaved. My fiancé came down and stayed the night but went back today because he has work today.

So yesrerday we went to Wimpy because he had never been! For those who might not know, Wimpy is a fast-food chain that started in the 30's. It's like a British version of McDonalds but has table service, proper knives and forks, proper plates and pots of tea. Very civilised. They also do quorn burgers now so that was pretty awesome. I love Wimpy restaurants, they're so much nicer than McDonalds or Burger King type places.

Image by SaffyH
We also went down to the seafront arcades to play on the Mario Kart arcade game!

As I've already mentioned this week we had Hourly Comic Day and I did draw comics for it, but I haven't finished inking them so I'll be uploading those later this week hopefully. We went to Canterbury for the day so it should be fairly interesting. Usually I'm home all day so it makes a change!

Image from
I also discovered coconut M&Ms this week! I haven't tried them yet as I am currently gorging on pineapple pieces but I will report once I've eaten them! Although the sexy female M&M weirds me out.

In other news I discovered this lovely lady last night and thought I had better share! Also that was some wicked alliteration! FeministFrequency is pretty cool and Anita makes some really good, clear points about feminism and pop-culture. Her aim is to make feminism accessible and easy to understand because it's often very academic and stuffy. She also does a great job of dispelling all the stupid myths pushed by the media that give feminism and feminists a bad name. Whether you consider yourself a feminist or not, especially if not, check out her videos.

Toy Ads and Learning Gender

Edit: THE SNOW! It snowed during the night and now we have a good 15cm of snow covering everything. The dogs are okay with it, although the staffie keeps giving me "whyyy?" looks from the shed. The cat has disappeared as usual. The chickens are in their little house peering out and clucking at the snow, the cockerel gave me a look of "REALLY?" when I first opened the door then turned around as if saying to his wives "you won't believe what this stupid human expects us to do". I managed to take a couple of rubbish pictures on my phone so I might edit this later.

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