Sunday, 12 February 2012

Sunday Catch Up

Apologies for the late update! 
Sick Day by Erin McGuire
I wish I had a cat, instead I've been cuddling rats and gerbils.

I've had a cold most of this week which has been really boring. But I did get to see my parents last weekend which is always great! I returned home with some really nice dresses, t-shirts, a new jumper and a new cardigan too.

I don't think I've done anything interesting since last Sunday...I got back home on Tuesday and have since been working as usual. 

Oh, we did get a new bed, finally! Which I put together yesterday with some help from the boy. It's a bit higher than the old bed which is kind of weird but it's so nice to sleep in a bed that doesn't slope to one side.

When not working I've mostly been reading comics or reading about comics or feeling sorry for myself while drinking disgusting lemsips and blowing my nose a million times a day. 

Hopefully I'll be more interesting next Sunday. So I shall leave you with this image of a frog:

Isn't it cute?

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