Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sunday Catch Up

Well this week saw me adding some more content to the Writes of Passage website, you can now read an extract of mine and everyone else's novels if you want to! I was also contacted by an agent who had read my synopsis on the website so I sent them the first three chapters, how exciting! Even if nothing comes of it, it's lovely to know that the website is doing it's job properly!

Image: Carrots 'n Cake
I made gyozas today from scratch which was kind of fun but also kind of annoying. The dough got too dry at one point which was annoying and then the spatula I was using to fry them melted. Luckily we have another one, metal. My fiancé shared them with me (we only had two and a half each, they're very filling) and said they were yummy and like the ones from Wagamama, which was lovely to hear and made all that effort worthwhile!

Image: Pinoy Foods
I'm planning on making him leche flan in the next day or so because he's never had it and I need to show him that it's amazing. So I'll try and get a picture of that, we've lost the charger for our camera so there are no photos at the moment.

We finally got around to watching Arrietty yesterday which was really lovely and I suggest that you go and watch it for yourself! It's so pretty and the music is great. It reminded me of how much I loved The Borrowers as a kid and how I would imagine how Borrower friendly our house was.

I also finished Catherine which was really good, my fiancé has played it through twice so far to get the best good and the best bad endings. It's also totally not a game for kids and don't got looking it up while you're at work, it's rated Mature. I'm also still playing Skyrim!

Oh, and I also decided to see how much French I remember from school. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I can remember more than I thought. I'm far from fluent but I could go to France and introduce myself, order food and ask for directions without insulting anyone or mixing up genders. Not bad really, it's about all a tourist needs anyway!

Image: Kiss4gi
Yesterday morning I also got to Skype with my lovely friend who has been living in Korea for that last year. We've known each other for about four years now, and we lived together for a year, so I've really missed chatting to her everyday like we used to. But she's coming home in March and will hopefully come and stay with us for a little while! It'll be pots of tea and video games all night long, just like old times.

Finally, this time next week I'll be at my Mum's house celebrating her birthday!

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