Friday, 23 March 2012

Feature Friday: Travel

I've been watching The Hairy Biker's Bakeathon recently because 
1. It's about baking yummy things
2. I find the guys funny and I like how cuddly they look and 
3. They're travelling around Europe and I want to travel more.

So I thought I'd chat a bit about travelling! I have lived in England, The Philippines and Scotland, but I've also visited Wales, Ireland, The Netherlands, France and Malaysia. Hopefully the boy and I will be going to Belgium next year for our honeymoon and I hope that one day I'll get to visit South-east Asia again, namely South Korea, China and Japan., and I also want to see more of Europe. My fiancé isn't much of a traveller but luckily I have friends who I am sure would be happy to join me if he really didn't want to go.

A few places I would really love to go one day:

The Netherlands - Amsterdam (again)

France - Paris



South Korea

Japan - Tokyo, Osaka and Hokkaido

So just a few places...

The nice thing is that I would like to go to these places not just to visit but also in many cases as a chance to do research for future stories. Currently I just can't afford to travel so I have to research mostly online or by talking to people, but I'd like to experience things for myself. Travelling can be so much fun, if you don't let the stress get to you. 

My favourite memories from travelling are:
My first time on a plane when I was ten, we had the entire Business Section to ourselves and I was allowed to go into the cockpit.
Arriving in The Philippines and being overwhelmed by how hot and noisy Manila was.
Going to Malaysia for Christmas, riding horses on the beach and holding hands with a baby Orangutan.
Going to Baguio in The Philippines for the Millennium and seeing the huge lion carved into the mountain side.
Dutch coffee and Amsterdam's coffee shops.
Buying Tintin and Asterik's in French while in Brittany.
Going to Dublin Zoo and having it practically to ourselves.
Camping in The Forest of Dean.
Taming wild rabbits in the Lake District until they would let me feed them.
Swimming in a clear blue ocean.
White sand beaches.
Black sand beaches.
Drinking out of coconuts.
Stroking a water buffalo.
Seeing wild fruit bats and wild monkeys.


What about you? Where do you want to go, what do you want to do?

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