Saturday, 24 March 2012

Something For The Weekend

Something to listen to:
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I've been listening to audio-books while I do my work recently, it makes it less monotonous when you spend five hours writing about loans and I've never liked working in silence. I've always lived in a busy house so I find it strange to do work without near constant chatter in the background.

I found some very good, free audio-books online through Books Should Be Free. It can be a little hit or miss because not all of the books have the same reader all the way through but as long as you don't mind that then it's not an issue. It reminds me of reading aloud at school when everyone took turns. Their books mostly come from Librivox so check them out too. Another great website is Audible but you do have to pay, there is however a free trial. The reason why these books are free is that they are now in the public domain for one reason or another, just check to make sure it applies to your country because sometimes what is free in the US is not free in the UK.

Something to do:
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If you love plants like I do but live in a small flat/apartment or simply in a house without a garden then check out some great tips and suggestions for small space friendly plants and see what you could grow!

Something to read:
Writes of Passage Anthology 2012
Check out Writes of Passage, the anthology for my masters course. It features everyone's writing and was edited by us. I sort out the website and twitter. You can now not just read out writing but also see the lovely illustrations that the art department did for us, and a few that were down by the writers themselves. It isn't available to buy or anything like that, it is sent to publishers and agents, so if you want to have a look at it do it now, while you still can.

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