Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sunday Catch Up

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So this week has seen me doing lots of work because the company I usually work for are adding new pages to one of their websites so I had to write lots of extra content for them. So that's kept me busy! I also added the illustrations to the Writes of Passage Anthology website, so you can check those out if you like.

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Aside from that it's been very average. My fiancé and I have been trying to work out how many people we can afford to invite to our wedding, which is not fun. We also bought our Easter eggs and some bits to make up the Easter table. It's a traditional thing from when I was a kid. My family is Catholic and so religious celebrations are celebrated properly with church, a nice decorated table and a meal. I do not consider myself Catholic but I still like the tradition of having a sort of mini party. Any excuse to decorate and make things look pretty!

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I also made some yummy food this week, when I was being lazy. We ate out twice this week and I had a takeaway one evening while my fiancé was a work. Very naughty, but very yummy.

These are the places we ate at:
Prezzo (Italian)

Chiquito (Mexican)

This is where I went for takeaway:
I think it's had a make over since this photo was taken, but it's the only one I could find. I had vegetarian pad Thai and veggie tempura

and this is some of the things I actually cooked!:
Vegetarian Lasagna
This was very yummy, but I didn't like the white sauce very much so didn't use a lot of it. I also used different veg because aubergines are disgusting.

This is much less special but Quorn have brought out some new things. These as stick chilli Quorn fillets and they are very yummy. We had ours with potato waffles because we're classy like that.

Last week we treated ourselves to two new coffee cups, aren't they cute? My fiancé decided we had to drink special coffee from them on their first use.

And that is all for now! Hope you enjoyed your weekends.

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