Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Catch Up

And...I'm back! We went to Bath but then we came back and had two of our friends staying with us for a few days so we've been busy! Hope you didn't miss me too much.

We were just outside Bath for a few days, which is why I was away, staying with my fiancé's mum in her lovely pub. Her husband and her decided to try their hand at being pub landlords and are doing really well with it so far. She does all the cooking and kitchen related things and he serves behind the bar, talks to customers etc. Their daughter turned thirteen on Monday so we went down to give her some presents and spend a few days hanging out with her, while also seeing a few of our friends from university. She's a pretty cool teenager and wants to get into nerdy things like comics and such.

The Fleur De Lys on the right:
Image from Panoramio
Isn't is gorgeous? My fiancé's mum is a fantastic cook and she tries really hard to make sure that there is something for everyone on the menu. She tends to have at least two vegetarian options as well as a vegan option and even a gluten free option too! Why can't everywhere be like that?

While in Bath we went to Velo Lounge:
Image from Bath Restaurants
This is the place we always used to hangout at as students, we always lived only a short walk away. We've never managed to find somewhere as good as here, it just has the best atmosphere.

My second favourite place to hangout at in Bath is Jika Jika:
Image from Bath Heritage Watchdog
I sat in here for an hour reading A Clash of Kings while my fiancé played mini-golf with his sister and a friend. It's another great place with a great atmosphere and awesome coffee. I love having a chai latte and Thoughtful Bread Box.

When we returned back home we went out for an Indian with our friends on the first night, which was yummy as usual.

Sunday we played mini golf at the mini golf opposite our house, went for a walk down to the jetty and ate  ice-cream, well I didn't because I didn't want any and one of our friends had sorbet because she's vegan, but still, and ate at Prezzo.

Monday we went to Canterbury.
Image by me
I returned home with Azumanga Daioh volume four, Gitaroo Man for PS2 (I already own the PSP version), a big bottle of Aloe Vera King, George of the Jungle on VHS, Rocky Horror on VHS, Basil the Great Mouse Detective on VHS, Okami PS2 guide (it's one of my favourite games and the guide has pretty artwork in it) and The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe audiobook tape.

Tuesday our friends returned home, but before they left we went out for breakfast at Beaches which is a really cool café that does yummy all day breakfasts amongst other things.

Here's a weird picture of the inside:
Image from Let's Visit
We wandered around the few charity shops on the high-street and I got The Emporer's New Groove on VHS, Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden, an awesome panda mug and Jingo, The Fifth Elephant and Thief of Time by Terry Pratchett audiobooks all on cassette tape and read by Tony Robinson, two of which have never been opened. I love charity shops, if you didn't know that already. Then we just hung out at home playing games until our friends had to leave.

So yes, that was what I did last week and this week, so far!

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