Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Coveted Cover: The Lord of The Rings

The Lord of the Rings
Here's a hit of pure nostalgia! I adore this cover of The Lord of the Rings. It's the cover that both my copy and my Dad's copy has. I first read my Dad's copy of The Lord of the Rings when I was 10 and I was super proud of myself for finishing a grown up book all on my own for the first time ever. A family friend then bought me a boxset of the trilogy and The Hobbit but I've never actually read them, my sister borrowed then and read The Fellowship of the Ring, so now one of the books is creased while the others aren't, which makes me a little grumpy. As a teenager I invested in my own copy of The Lord of the Rings and specifically chose to track down the same version as my Dad's. 

I own three version of The Hobbit with different covers, The Lord of the Rings in two different versions (this one and the boxset) and I have The Simarillion too which is also a 90s version with the cover art by John Howe. I love his style and I love Middle-earth.

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