Saturday, 21 April 2012

Something For The Weekend

Something to do
If like me you're not a fan of crown braids then this reverse crown braid might be just what you want. It's so cute and simple. I just hope my hair is long enough to pull it off well.

If you are constantly trying to get decent photos of your pets but always end up with furry blurs, like I do, then check out these tips on photographing your pets!

Something to eat
I am dying to try this strawberries and maple cream recipe, it sounds so summery!

Something to read
I am neither married or have kids, yet, but quite a few of my friends are living in marital bliss and/or popping out babies. So, if you are worried that your friends are all going off and getting married and/or having kids, leaving you with no one to hang out with on a Friday night. here are some reassuring words.

Something to watch
If you don't already watch Game of Thrones then where have you been? Under a rock? Go and catch up with it right now and join me in my fangirly-ness! Also, read the books.

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