Saturday, 28 April 2012

Something For The Weekend

Something to eat:
I plan on making Vegetable Charlotte tomorrow because it looks delicious, and easy. Veggies and cheese, win/win!

Something to do:
Happy (belated) Birthday Kirby! The little pink blob was 20 years old yesterday so why not spend the weekend playing some of these much loved games?

Start a personal revolution with five manifestos for the creative life!

Something to read:
Okay so I'm turning 24 this year (September 18th, mark it on your calenders!) but I think that this advice still applies no matter how old you are, so what do you wish you had known at 22?

Gala wrote a very brave and insightful post about self-harm, the stigma and the aftermath which is definitely worth a read. Although please remember that this is a potentially triggering article.

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