Sunday, 1 April 2012

Sunday Catch Up

Pigeons in Westgate Park, Canterbuy
This week I received a great email from an agent I've been chatting to detailing what sort of changes they would like to see happen with my manuscript. It's really interesting to see what a professional thinks works and doesn't work. They are a really lovely person, we talked on the phone too, and very no pressure about the whole thing too which is fantastic. So I've been reading that email and thinking about it all week. I think it's very important as a writer to be open to change. I've no issue with changing even large parts of my manuscript as long as the core is maintained and it will improve the overall novel. But I also know people who argue over every little thing and refuse to let go, like a dog with a bone. 
So...each to their own?

Canterbury West train station
We went to Canterbury on Friday! We haven't gone for well over a month I think? So that was cool. We didn't get much but had a nice breakfast at Boho Cafe, got some birthday cards from Paperchase, wandered about for a while, bought macaroons from Patisserie Valerie, went into Whatever Comics but they didn't have anything we wanted and then we walked around Westgate Gardens for a while before getting the train back home.

Westgate Park, Canterbury
Westgate Park, Canterbury

Saturday I mostly worked, read through another email from the agent I've been talking to. I'm going to do some rewrites for her to see if we're thinking along the same lines. So that's pretty cool. I'm starting the rewrites and editing today.

Westgate Park, Canterbury

I've also been arranging with my mum to go to Yorkshire at some point in June because my Grandpa is coming over from Canada. I've only met him twice before. Once was when I was a little baby so I don't actually remember that and the other time I was a teenager, still at secondary school I think, so I don't really remember that much either. I just remember that we had a meal and he had really white hair. Like amazingly white. So it'll be nice to see him again.

We also made some yummy food this week!

 We bought this thing for making poached eggs in the microwave because it was £1! There is one cooker in the house which is downstairs in my fiance's Gran's kitchen and she has a hole in the wall to pass things through so we don't like to disturb her too much, she sleeps in her front room. It made surprisingly good eggs! Although one did explode a little because I left it in too long. It was still edible though.

 Quesadillas! We ended up with one burnt, one without enough cheese and one that was just right. The second attempt, last night, faired much better but we didn't get a photo.

Poached egg on potato waffle
Trying out the poacher again and it went even better this time because my fiancé did them and he actually reads instructions unlike me. I do love potato waffles. It's like I'm five years old.

I also did Bloggiesta this weekend for the first time ever! Hopefully the blog seems a bit neater now, what do you think? We also passed the 4,000 pageview mark this weekend!

Canterbury West train station
All photos were taken and edited by me!

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