Sunday, 8 April 2012

Sunday Catch Up

Happy Easter!

My fiancé set up an Easter egg hunt for me this morning and these are all the eggs I found! There was over 30 all together. We gave the bunnies to his Dad and Granny to eat though, they don't have any Easter eggs of their own.

Chicks everywhere! I have a slight obsession with the little guys, I find them both adorable and hilarious. My niece loves them too, she and my fiancé were playing with some last year. The game consisted pretty much of the chicks screaming all the time...I'm not sure why. We also like to have our Easter related toys come and sit on the table and join in the festivities. Some of those toys are very old and from my fiancé's childhood and others are pretty new. The little grey bunny is called Teacup and was a charity shop rescue, his friend is a bright pink, surreal looking cat called Monsieur Teapot, I'll have to post of picture of them together at some point, that was also rescued from a charity shop.

My fiancé took the above photos of the table decorations.

I really, really wanted a Muppets egg this year with the mug but when we went to buy our eggs the shop had sold out. Luckily my fiancé tracked one down for me so I now have a lovely Muppets mug! This is just one of the reasons why I'm marrying him. The chocolate egg itself was cheap and kinda gross (but I ate it anyway) because it wasn't Cadbury but the mug is awesome.

This week I got another writing job for another blog and I'm still editing my novel. I've rewritten a large chunk of chapter one and I'm moving onto chapter two now. I'm also off to Bath on Tuesday so updates might be less frequent next week.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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