Sunday, 29 April 2012

Sunday Catch Up

So, this week saw the Writes of Passage anthologies arrive! My two copies are sitting on the manga/comic bookshelf. One copy is going to my mum and the other is for me.

A baby Storm and her (now deceased) sister Brave
I also had to take one of our pet rats to the vet on Monday because she had a mammary tumour. She had an operation on Friday to remove it and is now recuperating in the spare cage. She's being very good and not fussing with her stitches but I don't trust her sisters to be so well behaved, which is why she's being kept separate for now.

I just threw Dr Pepper all down the sofa arm and my leg...great.

Anyway, I also finished Skyrim this week! Finally! The final battle was not as awesome as it should have been and I was only level 28 so I thought it would be much harder. It was over in a few minutes. I still love Skyrim and think that it's a great game, I just wish that it had been a bit more challenging in places. I'm also not entirely sure what to do with my game-self now.

It's been proper pirate pillaging weather all week so I haven't gone out very much. We went out for breakfast yesterday and luckily it didn't start raining again until we got back home. There is a café near us that does delicious veggie breakfasts that are also pretty affordable. It's a huge portion and it comes with tea or coffee. Delicious. I also love that their kid's menu includes jam sandwiches.

I've been playing The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap this week too. I started the game a while ago and then completely forgot about it. It's so much fun, possibly one of my favourite Zelda games and it hasn't made me rage too much. The only thing I hate about Zelda games is how easily I can get lost on a quest, for example I spent a good half an hour wandering round and round a dungeon because I had missed one tiny thing and therefore couldn't progress. I did figure it out in the end but it was a really boring half and hour.

I've also been playing Animal Crossing again. I lost my original copy a few years ago which was pretty devastating, I then bought another copy but it's not quite the same. I miss my old villagers and I miss my big shop with the hairdressing poodle and I miss my big house! But my new village is okay. I like that I have Hopper the Penguin these days, but I still miss Peanut. I also have City Folk/Let's Go To The City on the Wii which I do really like but I just haven't played it very much. I might have to return to that town at some point and see who is still around. I will also be getting the 3DS Animal Crossing game, and yes I've watched the Animal Crossing film. Animal Crossing is one of my favourite franchises, if you hadn't already figured that out.

I am still reading Dearly Departed and it's actually pretty cool to read it when it's so rainy and windy outside. Intense!

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