Friday, 18 May 2012

Feature Friday: Writes of Passage Anthology Launch

The penultimate version of our cover
This is possibly the last time I will be mentioning the Writes of Passage anthology because the launch happened on Tuesday evening! The whole event, which was held at Foyles, went extremely well from start to finish. Most people attended and the place was pretty packed, but with canapés making their way around the room and tables laid out with glasses of wine, orange juice and water for attendees, everyone seemed very happy.

Foyles, Charing Cross
All of the agents and editors I talked to were absolutely lovely. For once I wasn't anxious either. On the day I think I was more worried about having to buy an underground ticket from one of the machines than actually talking to people, and I didn't even have to buy a ticket in the end because a very kind stranger gave me his travelcard because he no longer needed it!

The Gallery, where the event was held
It was a very enjoyable evening. I don't like talking to people I don't know. I don't even talk to shop assistants unless I really have to. But everyone at the launch was there for the same reason, because they liked the writing in the anthology and because they love books. Being in a room full of around 100 people who all love books and a few of which particularly want to talk to you about how they really like your writing makes the whole situation a lot easier. Also, no one asked me to pitch my story to them because they had already read at least a bit of it. I had one person ask me to tell them the ending, that was it. The rest just wanted to say that they really liked it and would like some more. I did talk to a few people who weren't interested but did say that they really liked my writing, they just don't take on that genre/age group. Which is totally understandable.

This is where I studied for my masters degree
Even if nothing comes of it, it's a big step, and I know that people in the publishing industry do like my story and do like my writing, so that's definitely a positive and something to brag about on cover letters.

I helped to create an anthology. I put together the website and the twitter. I attended the launch and networked with other writers, editors and agents. Child-me would be astounded.

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