Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Page Turners: The Witch of Turlingham Academy

I am currently reading:
The Witch of Turlingham Academy by Ellie Boswell
 After reading Dearly Departed I felt the need for something lighter, both in theme and size, so picked up The Witch of Turlingham Academy. I'm about 13% through (according to Goodreads) and I'm enjoying it all ready. I forgot how fun middle-grade/tween books can be!

From Goodreads:
It's not easy being the only day girl at Turlingham Academy: Sophie misses out on all the midnight feasts and late night gossip. And when new girl Katy turns up it feels like she's bewitching all of Sophie's friends! Katy's no witch, but there is a witch at Turlingham. Katy comes from a long line of witch hunters whose job is to stop evil magic. Sophie is going to help her - anything to get Katy out of her life and get things back to normal. But what she discovers means nothing will ever be normal again!

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