Saturday, 19 May 2012

Something For The Weekend

Something to buy

Washi Tape

I love adorable things! Anything that can take something boring and turn it into something really cute is a sure winner with me. Although I am a total fuss-budget when it comes down to what is considered cute. Essentially, if it's from Japan or Korea it's probably going to be amazing. We Westerners can't seem to do cute quite so well, everything has to have an 'attitude' which usually means it has to wink for some stupid reason. Anyway! Why use normal tape when you can use pretty tape?

Curly Bear Pen
Cute pens with bears on them!

Cute & Lovely & Funny Decoration Sticky Notes
Kitty post-it notes! I love the ginger one, he looks so smug.

Something to Eat

Healthy Bean Burritos
I really like burritos and these just look so yummy! Might have to make these later.

Something to Read

Veganism is not an eating disorder. Sadly some people use it as a way to cut calories, but before you say that veggies are all skinny remember that it's not true and a vegetarian or vegan diet is not about losing weight. So, is veganism a road to further restrictions or a road to recovery?

We're so accessible nowadays. I'm only in my early twenties and I can still remember not having the internet and not having mobile phones. Even when I had a mobile phone it didn't have a camera and certainly couldn't access the internet. I don't even go online with my current phone, and it's not a smart phone. But so many of us are near-constantly online in one way or another. We never seem to switch off. So is Facebook making you lonely? We might all be connected, but are we really connecting?

Starting your own busines? Suggestions for beginning to define your brand.

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