Sunday, 13 May 2012

Sunday Catch Up

Well this week has been...interesting.

Alexandra Ristorante
My parents came to visit on Sunday and we went out for lunch in Ramsgate. We wandered around the harbour and ended up eating at a really nice Italian restaurant called Alexandra Ristorante, my Dad was very happy because he ordered mussels for a starter and got twice the amount he thought he'd get. He really likes seafood. My dad liked the food and the staff here so much he wants me to have the wedding reception here! They left me with chocolates, cookies and some nice new plants too, so it was a really lovely visit as usual.

Monday however we found out that my fiancé's best friend had committed suicide. He'd known her online for about 3 years, they talked every day and played games together too so were really close. Everyone is still very confused about why she chose to end her life and still very upset, understandably. But I always think you need to stay positive. What has happened is awful and I doubt that her family and friends will ever truly get over it, but I really hope that no one is blaming themselves.

“You cannot save people, you can only love them." - Anaïs Nin

You can't force people to be happy and you can't force people to talk to you. All you can do is love them and be there if they need you. The rest really is up to them. We'll probably never know why she made the choice she did, she didn't leave a note or anything, so I think it's best to not dwell on it because it's fruitless and just leads to more upset. When anyone dies, in any circumstances, it's always best to focus on all the lovely moments you had with a person while they were still with us, rather than focus on the sad times. I doubt that someone you loved, who loved you too, would want you to be unhappy.

So, on to more positive things.

By the way, I have a Tumblr dedicated to my Animal Crossing adventures!
I've not had any work to do this week, as is sometimes the case with freelancing, so instead I've spent the week with my fiancé and playing copious amounts of Animal Crossing. I also finally finished reading Dearly Departed so you can expect a review at some point in the near future!

I also made homemade iced coffee and it actually tasted nice! I used coffee ice-cubes instead of regular ice-cubes so that it wouldn't get watery.

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