Sunday, 27 May 2012

Sunday Catch Up


I have spent most of this week working, reading and doodling. So it's been a great week!

It was vegetarian week this week and seeing as I'm already a vegetarian, I wrote about How To Be Vegetarian Without Alienating Everyone Or Having To Eat Rabbit Food instead and it is now my fourth most popular post!

I also read Habibi this week in a nice two hour sitting. I lay on our bed, eating cherries and reading while my fiancé made us veggie fajitas. It's absolutely amazing and incredibly beautiful, so definitely check it out.

I spent yesterday sketching out a mini comic which I'm hoping to scan, ink and maybe even upload today.

It was also my Dad's birthday yesterday so I got to have a nice chat with him on the phone. He had a nice day and he wanted to discuss bikes with me because he wants to buy me a bike for my birthday this year, he thinks he's found a nice pale blue ladies bike that will suit my needs. It has a basket!

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