Sunday, 17 June 2012

Sunday Update

This week has seen me catching up with Game of Thrones, I some how ended up being six episodes behind. During the final episode I had to pause because there was a seagull outside squawking and dive-bombing a fox that was standing on the front wall of our house, which was certainly weird! We live on the seafront so have a lot of seagulls, and we have a flat roof so I think they like to nest up by there, and we're opposite a small park so you often see local foxes trotting along the road and into the surrounding bushes. Game of Thrones was as amazing as always and I'm so sad that I have to wait a year for the next series, so I'll be buying the next book (A Storm of Swords) soon to get my fix.

I've been very naughty and not read the book I'm supposed to be reviewing next, and I'm considering ditching it for now because I'm just not getting into it at all. I can't pinpoint why though which is very annoying. Instead I've been reading comics, mostly Girly Volume 3, Shadoweyes, Temujin and Sam and Fuzzy: Fix Your Problem. All of which I recommend others read too, they're all very different to each other so if you don't fancy Shadoweyes, you might like Temujin, and so on.

It's Dickens Week in our town until next weekend and there's lots going on. I'm not really a Dickens fan but it's lovely to see everyone out, lots of people are in costume and there are Victorian carriage rides too which is pretty cool. There's also a small fair with stalls selling preserves, Victorian costume pieces, jewellery and such. We went to have a look yesterday and came back with American sweeties, so not very Victorian but very yummy. I might go back for a jar of marmalade because they have some delicious looking concoctions on display.

I've been working as usual but also working on my own project as well. So, it's been a relatively quiet week. 

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