Sunday, 1 July 2012

Sunday Catch Up

Well, this week I've mostly been working on my project and doing my work, as usual. Other than that it's not been terribly exciting. It's been really hot the last few days so I've eaten lots of ice lollies and we finally broke out the fan. The it rain on and off all day today, of course. But at least it waters my flowers for me, most of which the snails seem to have been snacking on.

My fiancé's grandmother has been very difficult today and yesterday. She's always fine with me, most likely because she doesn't really know me, but she'll be very short with her son and grandson which makes things a bit awkward, especially when all everyone is trying to do is help her and keep her safe. This is all part of the fun of taking care of an old lady with Alzheimer's. It's never anything personal, but that doesn't make it any easier either.

When my parents visited last week my mum gave us lots of different packets of instant, microwaveable Indian food that is free from additive, artificial colours, MSG etc. They're so yummy! Seriously, way better than we expected them to be. The company, Kohinoor, prides itself on being healthy and authentic, so if you see them around I urge you to give them a try.

These are the kind we've been trying:

The dahl is particularly good. My fiancé's only complaint is that "it's all a bit brown" but I suppose that's what happens when you don't add colour to things, plus it might just be the ones we've been trying. We haven't tried them all but I will buy them again if I see them. Also, yes I am the kind of person who contacts companies to tell them how yummy their food is. Last time it got me some free Quorn vouchers!

So that's about it really this week.

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